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Holistic Healing Experiences


Reiki is an ancient healing method that uses universal energy to balance the body, mind and spirit. Through gentle touches I channel this energy to promote deep relaxation, relieving stress and stimulating the body’s natural self-healing process. This is a holistic experience that seeks to restore the flow of vital energy, promoting physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

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Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are considered a place where the experiences, thoughts, emotions, and actions of all souls over time are stored. They are the archives of the soul and making them aware through a reading could help understand and overcome the origin of different fears, blockages, personal and family conflicts.

By reading the Akashic records you can obtain information about past lives, the personal history of each of us, relationships, life purpose, among other things.

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Energy Activation

My energetic activation session is the ability to awaken your energy field.  It is a wonderful healing portal: energetic, emotional, spiritual and physical. Through the activation of your energy and mobilization of the energy centers, a release and an internal balance take place. This session helps you leave behind your blocks, your fears and everything that ultimately prevents you from evolving, awakening your energy and connecting you with your essence. 

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Family Constellation 

Family Constellation is a technique that focuses on revealing unconscious patterns within family dynamics. It allows you to identify and heal possible emotional blockages and dysfunctional patterns in the family system. Through the constellation, we seek to restore order and balance in relationships and release loyalties or emotional burdens that may be affecting you. 

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